How to lose weight fast – Fastest way to lose weight is the diet plan for weight loss

How to lose weight fast – Fastest way to lose weight is the diet plan for weight loss

Today, the blog on which I’m writing is How to lose weight fast and the best way to lose weight.

I will be discussing my Daily Fitness Routine and strict diet plan for weight loss which I follow to lose weight.

It won’t be wise to start this blog by narrating all those myths that are being circulated on the web to reduce weight fast.

Instead, I’d be discussing my own ways to make it possible in a much lenient way.

Today, fitness has become one of the major problems in people’s lives. At the same time, they don’t know the proper ways to handle it.

Most of the times, they try to employee methods that are not recommended to reduce weight.

Please note that there is no short cut to reduce weight. Instead, you need to make it happen naturally.

Also, note that being overweight is just like a health menace that needs to be handled wisely. It comes with so many diseases or risks that may include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Breathing problems

Now, the question arises how to lose weight fast or the best ways to lose weight?

Currently, I weigh 77 kg and have reduced 10 kg weight in a span of one year after I joined a gym.

I was able to reduce my body weight due to the strict diet plan for weight loss and exercises that played a crucial role to lose weight fast.

Let’s discuss with you my Personal Fitness Schedule for Gym and leaning too:

Your whole day Weight loss diet will be divided into 7 MEALS and the major role will be the strict diet plan for weight loss that generally people ignore:

MORNING – I wake up early in the morning at 5:30 am; drink 2 glasses of warm water with lemon or honey. Water burns your metabolism and hydrates your body.

MEAL 1 (8:30 AM) BREAKFAST – 1/4 cup Oats cooked with water with 1 Tea Spoon of Peanut Butter

Then I leave for my office and reach there at 9 AM (I’m working in an IT company).

It’s a sitting job so now you can understand how much important is to keep yourself fit it can only be possible with your whole diet plan.

MEAL 2 (10 AM) – I consume 1 APPLE –It’s rich in antioxidants, dietary fibber and low in calories.

MEAL 3 (11 AM) – 1 Scoop Protein (Consult your Gym Trainer or Doctor) with Water (I’m not talking about Protein Body Gainer or Mass Gainer)

MEAL 4 (12:30 PM) – Now, it’s time for 1 Slice Whole Grain Bread (in optional you can eat BROWN BREAD) + 1 Tea Spoon of Peanut Butter

MEAL 5 (2:00 PM) – LUNCH- 1/2 CUP Broccoli + 100 gm Cooked White Rice + 1 CUP COOKED LENTILS

MEAL 6 (4:00 PM) – 1 CUP Green Tea with Lemon + 10 SOAKED ALMONDS

MEAL 7 (5:00 PM) – Eat 100 gm FAT FREE GREEK YOGURT

Now, at 5:30 PM it’s time to leave from office back to home. I reach home at 6:00 PM. Get ready for Gym then leave for Gym and reach Gym at 6:15 PM

In the Gym I will start my workout at 6:30- I used to do 30 minutes cardio and 60 minutes for muscles building workout.

I’m doing weight loss but I’m also building my muscles because I love my Muscular Body but no Stomach Fat or Body fat.

That’s why I like doing Muscle Building exercise for 60 minutes and cardio for 30 minutes.

But you need to spend more time at cardio if you don’t want to build biceps or want Muscular Body. For that, you can increase your time in Cardio and less time in lifting weights.

At this time, I usually leave from Gym at 8 PM now go back to home and will reach at 8:15 PM

The major Meal is now that after Gym workout what diet you follow. It’s quite essential to keep a strict watch what you have in your dinner.


MEAL 9 (10:00 PM) – 1 Scoop Protein (Consult your Gym Trainer or Doctor) with Water (30 Minutes before Bed)


  • Minimum 8 Glasses of water, Daily
  • Try to drink 1 Litre of water daily during your Gym Workout

By just following this meal plan for weight loss for extreme weight loss and Gym Workout schedule now I am around 77 kg

I hope you all follow the above-given fitness tips as they are highly recommended to lose weight ideally.

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